24-7 Inebriation

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The message I’ll be giving at CrossWinds Church this Sunday is titled 24-7 Inebriation. No, I will not be advocating drunkenness! But I will be talking about how to drink in more of Jesus’ life so that we become more inebriated with him—and so affecting how we walk, talk, act and carry on (much like alcohol does).

This winter I did quite a bit of snow skiing, from the Sierras to the Rockies. And one day, I was up at Heavenly Ski Resort, just after the last big March storm we had, dumping several feet of fresh snow up there. And the scenery at Heavenly overlooking Lake Tahoe was—well, heavenly to say the least! You’d be hard pressed to find a more stunning view anywhere in the world.

I was having a great day, and having easy time staying connected with God surrounded by all this beauty. Life was good and joy filled my soul.

But then something happened. After about my 8th exhilarating run, I was standing in a short line, waiting to get on the 4-person chair lift. I joined up with 2 other skiers and just seconds before the 3 of us were to sit down on the approaching chair, a snowboarder cut the entire line, saying hello to the chair-lift operator who was obviously a buddy of his.

What happened next I still have a hard time imagining as real. While I was looking over my shoulder, paying attention to the chair coming up behind me, I thought I heard this guy say, “Hey, I’m joining you guys.”

But I had no idea he was talking to us. The approaching chair was about 3 seconds away and the 3 of us were all lined up in ready position. Well guess what? When I sat down, I was sitting on him! No joke! He slid right in behind me so fast I didn’t see him ‘til the last second. And now I’m sitting in his lap! Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 1.40.32 PM

And I’m like, “Dude! What are you doing?”

The chair was ready to kick into high gear, so I had to act quickly. Fortunately, I was able to slide off of him, and plop down into the open space next to him.

I then said, “Dude, what are you thinking?”

He said, “I yelled out that I was coming on.”

I said, “Well that worked out real smooth, didn’t it?”

He again tried to justify his actions which at that point I just chose to ignore. And so we had a very quiet ride up the mountain. But I admit that I struggled to not think nasty thoughts about this cocky punk kid sitting next to me. And trying hard not to make generalizations about snow boarders in general! After all, I have a daughter who snowboards, and good friends who do as well! They are not all knuckleheads!

But the point is, in the real world where there are difficult people, and crazy situations, where we are dealing with pressure, and arrogance, and dishonesty—and so much that is not Jesus—how do we be Jesus in our world today? Even when sitting on top of a self-absorbed snowboarder?

This requires 24-7 Inebriation! I hope to see you at CrossWinds this Sunday as we dive into this subject of how to stay connected with Jesus moment by moment, day by day, 24-7.


  1. Sorry John we are up in Florence Oregon taking care of my mom. Will have to listen online. Blessings to you and Debbie and your family. <3

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    • Blessings Paula and Rich! Was a great Sunday at CrossWinds–thanks for your thoughts and prayers–and may you have a good visit with Mom!

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