Another 2000 Mile Road Trip

Posted By on May 20, 2016 |

Earlier this month my wife did something that she has learned not to do except in rare situations—follow me. In this case she really had no choice as she was driving our car while following the rental truck I was driving full of our stuff. The journey from Livermore to Minneapolis via Hwy 80 is about 2000 miles, and if you like tumbleweed and corn fields I recommend you drive it sometime.

The real journey began once here in Minnesota where we are beginning an experiment of living in two (maybe three) places now that we have the freedom to do so. Why Minnesota? In a word: family. Most of them live here—my mom and Deb’s mom with whom we enjoyed Mother’s Day together for the first time in some 30 years. Then there are our siblings and their families—and of course our son and daughter-in-law who just doubled their kid-count by adding twin girls! 

The plan in wet cement is to spend summers here on MilleLacs Lake where our families have decades of history. Our lake is about 100 miles N of the Twin Cities and one of the largest in the state—about the size of Lake Tahoe. Here on the South shore is where our old cabin is being remodeled. By the end of the month, we hope to be occupying this little slice of heaven with stunning views of the lake in our modern, comfortable home on the water.

Long before winter arrives we will be back in California for several months, and I don’t think I need to explain why. Besides the obvious (escaping the frozen tundra), our daughter, most of our friends and our church are all in the Bay Area—so we will be drawn back for sure.

The third piece of the puzzle is our son’s family living in the Dallas area, and so there will be plenty of trips there throughout the year. Needless to say, we haven’t got it all figured out but feel very blessed while making things up as we go.

I am still doing a lot of speaking and coaching with churches and pastors in various locations. And my book Don’t Blink: The Life You Won’t Want to Miss has opened up opportunities to the point where I am having to decide what and how much work I want to do these days—because there are fish just outside my window just waiting to be caught!

To our friends and family far and wide—our thoughts and prayers are with you always. Specifically I am praying that you will continue to pursue the unique adventure God has designed for you—filling your life with purpose and joy!