It Only Took 19 Years!

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In the parable of the 4 soils, Jesus speaks of the seed that lands on good soil and yields a crop 100 times more than what was planted (Luke 8:8). In 1997 CrossWinds Church bought 25 acres of soil visible from the 580 where we planted our “crop” of prayers, visions and dreams. We envisioned building a church on that field that would yield a good crop characterized by lives forever changed by Jesus.

But the Lord had another plan—not about the changed lives but about expanding the good soil on which more seed would be planted. Our church was built last year on a piece of land just a short walk from our original 25 acres of soil. And what of our original field of dreams that had benefited from our prayers, our faith, our hopes, our efforts and our resources? Well, that soil purchased for $2.2 million in 1997 was sold a little over a week ago for $14 million!

It only took 19 years…And I asked the Lord more than once if he could hurry it up a little! But the seeds of faith that had been planted in that good soil yielded an overflowing crop when God decided it was ready to harvest. And now we are seeing God multiply his church as hundreds of new people are walking through our doors each month.

What this means to me personally (being the one who signed off on the $2.2 million purchase 19 years ago) is that there is now closure of an era—an era of ministry that demanded so much of my effort and focus. Through 3 capital campaigns, 2 lawsuits, and enough ups and downs to fill a book—God blessed the seed that had been planted right where he wanted it to grow. 

I find great satisfaction in this, bolstering my faith in God’s faithfulness to his people. Even when that seed is buried in the ground and nothing seems to be happening. Now God says: Look around! The crop is flourishing and ready for harvest!


  1. dang. still have the little jar of dirt. concerned about what they’ll be building on it but glad it benefited the church. was nice seeing you speak a few weeks ago, btw- we stopped attending when you left, so it’s nice to attend now and again. hope all’s well with you.

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    • Thanks–I too still have that little jar of dirt as a reminder of God’s provision and faithfulness. I am doing very well and elated about what the Lord is doing through CrossWinds these days! Blessings to you.

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