Junkyard Roots

Posted By on Sep 28, 2016 |

Whenever someone writes or speaks on a subject I always want to know what their roots are—where they came from and what their life experiences have been. If someone is writing about the complex issue of poverty, for example, I wonder if he/she has ever truly been poor and has experienced what it means to scratch out a living. Or if someone is speaking on the influences of wealth (positive or negative) I wonder if he/she has ever truly struggled with this via personal experience.

So when my friend Roy Goble told me he was writing a book called Junkyard Wisdom: Resisting the Whisper of Wealth in a World of Broken Parts…well, I was excited not only to read it but also to recommend it to you. Yes Roy knows what it means to have wealth as he has done very well in the business of real estate. But I think even more importantly is the reality of where Roy came from. Indeed, his roots included growing up in and around a real junkyard full of wrecked cars and recycled auto parts.

I never get tired of hearing Roy tell the story of how he would retrieve used car batteries from old wrecks, clean them up, get a charge back into them, and resell them for a buck or two of profit. He didn’t grow up in the lap of luxury but in a world of grease and grime while scrounging around for his next buck. This brings an authenticity to his writing as he struggles with how a wealthy American is to respond to the cry of global impoverishment and injustice.

You will appreciate the raw style and non-sanitized descriptions coming from the churning mind of Roy Goble. His stories from the city of Fremont to the jungles of Belize will both intrigue your imagination and stir your heart. You will come away not with feelings of guilt but with real applications as to how to live more responsibly with what God has entrusted to you. I hope you will log on to Amazon and order your copy of Junkyard Wisdom today.