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Ever been to Pismo? Quirky little beach town with a fabulous beach lined with rocky cliffs to the North and sand dunes to the South. A perfect setting to unwind and feel the sand between your toes. Debbie and I did just that in between sessions I was leading for a group of pastors and their spouses addressing how to stay healthy physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally.


And most of what I said to those pastor-couples applies to you, and to those you care about. For example, consider one of the opening questions I had those church leaders ponder: What are one or two responsibilities/situations you are involved in right now (either something you are expecting of yourself or others are expecting of you) that IF YOU COULD you would STOP doing because you HATE it?

This is an important question because many of us have taken on responsibilities or roles we are not well fitted for and that cause stress. Often the only reason we keep doing this to ourselves is because we have not taken the time to think of creative solutions that will release us from expectations (either self-imposed or other-imposed) that are killing us rather than restoring us.

What I am learning in this season of life is how to eliminate most everything that drains me (and that is a long list) while focusing on what truly interests me. One of those ongoing interests is providing leaders with tools that will help them lead more healthy lifestyles. For example, I find great joy in giving fellow pastors permission to goof off, allowing the little boy/girl inside themselves to come out and play. And to even invite them to declare out loud: I’m feeling too goofy to play God today!

Might be a good thing for all of us to declare!

For Reflection: What one responsibility would you stop doing if you could because you hate it? If you could come up with one creative solution to eliminate what drains you – what would it be?


  1. Cleaning house! Just kidding but not really.

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    • Debbie too!

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      • Raising an extremely strong willed teen in my late fifties. Not really a responsibility I can escape. So as often as possible I go for a walk journal enjoy hobbies and realize it won’t be forever.

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        • Great point Sandi. Some responsibilities are non-negotiable and so we learn how to manage them as best we can and find ways to keep our sanity in the meantime–way to go!

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