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For the record, there is no eleventh commandment that says: “Thou shalt not enjoy life.” Nor does God ever say, “My plan for you is to be miserable on earth until you arrive in heaven.”  What the Bible does say is that God richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.” (I Timothy 6:17b)

God has given us an amazing world to enjoy—so what’s holding us back from living a life that’s deeply satisfying?

John Merritt invites you to join him on a pilgrimage of adventure that will address some common obstacles to living an exhilarating life. When Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full,” he wasn’t talking about waiting until we get to heaven. (John 10:10b)  Jesus was pointing to a God-oriented life where we are thriving as fully alive human beings. The earth reflects a joyful Creator who gives us his creation for our pleasure! Heaven and earth are converging in stunning fashion all around us, and we have the opportunity to seize the day in all of its infinite possibilities. John’s hope is that there is not one piece of that life you want to miss out on.

Junkyard Roots

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Whenever someone writes or speaks on a subject I always want to know what their roots are—where they came from and what their life experiences have been. If someone is writing about the complex issue of poverty, for example, I wonder if he/she has ever truly been poor and has experienced what it means to scratch out a living. Or if someone is speaking on the influences of wealth (positive or negative) I wonder if he/she has ever truly struggled with this via personal experience.


Another 2000 Mile Road Trip

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Earlier this month my wife did something that she has learned not to do except in rare situations—follow me. In this case she really had no choice as she was driving our car while following the rental truck I was driving full of our stuff. The journey from Livermore to Minneapolis via Hwy 80 is about 2000 miles, and if you like tumbleweed and corn fields I recommend you drive it sometime.


It Only Took 19 Years!

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In the parable of the 4 soils, Jesus speaks of the seed that lands on good soil and yields a crop 100 times more than what was planted (Luke 8:8). In 1997 CrossWinds Church bought 25 acres of soil visible from the 580 where we planted our “crop” of prayers, visions and dreams. We envisioned building a church on that field that would yield a good crop characterized by lives forever changed by Jesus.


24-7 Inebriation

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24-7 Inebriation

The message I’ll be giving at CrossWinds Church this Sunday is titled 24-7 Inebriation. No, I will not be advocating drunkenness! But I will be talking about how to drink in more of Jesus’ life so that we become more inebriated with him—and so affecting how we walk, talk, act and carry on (much like alcohol does).



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There is a smile on my face as me and my buddies ascend a mountain in the middle of a snow storm. As the chair lift dumps us off at the 11,000 foot level the wind increases in velocity and visibility decreases considerably. We’re headed to the legendary back bowls of Vail and I’m hoping my Colorado friends can remember how to get there with familiar landmarks hidden in a virtual white-out.